Bobby Zdravkovski praises his team’s stunning comeback against South Melbourne

In an electrifying match that kept fans on the edge of their seats, Box Hill United faced a challenging game against South Melbourne that ended in an action-packed 3-3 draw.

The game began on a difficult note for Box Hill United, conceding a goal within the first minute.

This early setback, though it rattled the team and disrupted their initial strategy, led to a spectacular comeback in the second half.

Head Coach Bobby Zdravkovski reflected on the match in a post-game interview, highlighting the team’s resilience and areas for improvement.

Despite the rocky beginning, Box Hill United showed remarkable determination.

“It was a crazy game – we were caught by surprise being 3-0 down,” he said.

“I thought we were good with the ball, but off the ball we were just a bit flat structurally.

“To concede inside the first 10-15 seconds, we lost our ease in the middle and no one put that pressure on.

“They scored three lucky goals, while we had to work for ours.”

The second half saw a significant shift in momentum for Box Hill United.

Zdarvkovski’s half time message was one of calm and strategic adjustment.

“I told them to keep playing the way we are, but with more structure and compactness in the middle,” he said.

“The aim was to work off the ball, with wingers drifting off wider and working in getting to their fullbacks a lot quicker to put that pressure on.

“It was great to see the player’s confidence grow and ride that momentum.”

The adjustments paid off as the team tightened their defence and increased their offensive pressure.

He gave shout-out to his star player, Deven Jackson who was key to the improved performance and whose three classy finishes nearly tipped the scales in Box Hill United’s favour.

“Credit to Deven Jackson, that’s why she’s here with three class finishes and arguably could have got one more,” Zdarvkovski said.

“It’s the first touch and knowing how to use her body that sets her apart – in the box she’s very smart and lethal.

“If that doesn’t put people in the stands and through the gates, what more do you want?”

He also highlighted the ongoing process of integrating new players into the team.

“When you bring in five players, three of whom started last week and another two this week, it’s going to take time to sync,” Zdarvkovski said.

“It’s trying to mould them in and they are still trying to work each other out with movement and running patterns.”

This period of adjustment is expected, and Zdarvkovski remains confident in the team’s potential as they continue to gel.

“It’s going to create opportunities, and now it’s really performance-based,” he said.

“It’s good that we’ve got a bit of depth, but it’s going to take time.”

He is encouraged by the team’s potential for improvement as injured players return and new additions settle in.

Box Hill United’s next match is eagerly anticipated as they aim to build on their strong second-half performance.

Fans continue their support for the team as they strive for success in the upcoming fixtures.


Written by: Arathi Sasikumar

Image credit: Passion Creations