Building momentum: Bobby Zdravkovski’s blueprint for Box Hill United’s ascension

Following an intense match against Calder United, Senior Women’s Head Coach Bobby Zdravkovski shared his insights on the team’s performance, highlighting both the positives and areas for improvement.

Reflecting on the team’s well-earned 2-1 victory, Zdravkovski expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance and the outcome of the match.

“It was a good result against Calder,” he said.

“Getting the three points was pleasing for us as a group.”

Upon securing the win, Zdravkovski acknowledged the challenges faced by the team, particularly in converting scoring opportunities.

“We did make life hard for ourselves,” he said.

“When you don’t put away those chances, they could bite you in the end and it nearly did.”

Asserting the team’s authority and control throughout the game, Zdravkovski underscored the dominance displayed by his players on the field.

“I thought we were still in control of it of the game,” he said.

“Sofia Sakalis and Elwen Parbery on the right side played really well and worked off the ball so hard.”

He further lauded the team’s resilience and collective unity, highlighting their unwavering determination and coordinated effort throughout the match.

“The quality in the team is keep playing the way we are and just dealing with those long balls,” Zdravkovski said.

“We battled it out collectively towards the end.”

Reflecting on the missed scoring opportunities, Zdravkovski contemplated the potential game-changing outcomes had the chances been successfully converted into goals.

“It was one of those games where we should have probably been five goals up,” he said.

“Next time we’ll work on that and those chances will eventually keep going.”

The match also saw a star performance from Rhianna Pollicina, whose immediate impact was acknowledged by Zdravkovski.

“Rihanna is an established player, as she came in and scored two goals,” he said.

“We know what her qualities are and we’re just delighted to have her on board here, at Box Hill.”

Rhianna Pollicina shoots on goal.

Pointing out the team’s strides made over the course of the season, Zdravkovski conveyed his pride in their development and accomplishments.

“When you compare it to the start of the season, we are playing well and putting our chances,” he said.

“We are starting to get the results.”

Looking ahead, Zdravkovski emphasised the importance of fostering momentum and maintaining team cohesion.

“It’s just building momentum with the players that we have,” he said.

“Some players are still injured coming back into it.”

Reflecting on the team’s outlook for the future, he expressed his satisfaction and optimism.

“It’s just the start, and we’ll build up momentum moving forward, Zdravkovski said.

“I’m actually pleased with the whole group.”

Box Hill aims to continue their winning streak and capitalise on their recent successes.

The team’s next fixture against FV Emerging promises to be another exciting challenge as they strive to maintain their upward trajectory.


Written by Arathi Sasikumar

Images credit: HD Creative