Deven Jackson excited for season ahead as the Senior Women prepare for Calder United

Box Hill United will be back at home for Round 10 of NPL Women, when they welcome Calder United to Wembley Park on Saturday afternoon.

Fresh off a 3-3 draw with South Melbourne, an incredible comeback highlighted the squad’s character as A-League Women representatives and new additions have gelled immediately.

The spotlight shone brightly on Box Hill United’s new star, Deven Jackson, who scored a hattrick of goals, demonstrating exceptional prowess on the field in only her second match. Jackson’s performance was nothing short of remarkable, earning her accolades and admiration from fans and teammates alike.

Ahead of the upcoming clash with Calder, Jackson ambitiously reflected on the game last time out.

“I think we deserved a point or more than a point. We didn’t deserve to be down 3-0 at all,” she said.

The first half saw South Melbourne quickly net three goals, putting Box Hill United in a challenging position. However, the team showed resilience and determination, bouncing back strongly in the second half.

Jackson commented on their turnaround, and  praised the team’s dominance in the latter half of the game

“It was good that we can find our way to back level and potentially win,” she said.

“We outplayed them in the second half, there was resilience from us which is amazing.”

Jackson strikes on target.

Emphasising the collective effort, Jackson highlighted the team’s unity and hard work,

“It’s such a good team effort,” she said.

“Everyone hustle and put in so much work. Mainly, no one gave up.”

She also noted the significance of the team’s perseverance.

“It’s so easy to put your head down with three goals to come back from,” she said.

“The fact is we collectively did that as a team, is just like a testament to everyone’s individual hard work, which was awesome.”

As a new team member, Jackson acknowledged the importance of team cohesion and the process of building chemistry with her teammates.

“This is my first time here playing at Wembley, So I’m still fitting in with everyone else,” she said.

“Everyone else knows and plays with each other, so it’s a little bit of an adjustment period, but everyone’s super lovely.”

Looking ahead, Jackson expressed optimism about their future development.

“Hopefully we just keep growing and keep connecting even better,” she concluded.

Jackson’s inspiring performance and the team’s incredible comeback not only thrilled the fans but also set a strong foundation for the future.

As they continue to build on this momentum, Pythagoras can look forward to more thrilling matches and exceptional displays of skill and teamwork. This match will undoubtedly be remembered as a testament to their resilience and unity.


Written by Ziyi (Antonia) Xu

Images credit: HD Creative