Heartbreak for Pythagoras as the Senior Men put in brave showing against North Sunshine Eagles

On Friday night, Box Hill United faced North Sunshine Eagles at Wembley Park. Despite a narrow 2-1 defeat, Pythagoras showcased a commendable fighting spirit  and several promising performances that offer optimism for future matches.

The game began with both teams adopting a cautious approach, focusing on defensive solidity. Box Hill United prioritised a strong defensive setup during the first half, with a patient build up from the back. The dynamic shifted when Ryo Okamoto initiated the first significant attacking move, taking a shot that, although off-target, signalled the start of a more aggressive phase for the home side.

Defensive midfielder Agustin Casco was instrumental in this phase, delivering a precise long pass to Okamoto despite tight opposition marking. Although Okamoto’s attempt missed the target, it sparked a noticeable increase in the team’s offensive morale.

Casco launches a long pass.

Another standout player for Box Hill United was Ruben Sanchez Marcano, who showcased his skills with several impressive attacking plays and key passes. His efforts, though not  converted into goals, underscored his potential to be a pivotal figure in the team’s attacking set up.

The intensity of the match escalated in the second half when North Sunshine Eagles were awarded a penalty, which they successfully converted to take the lead. This setback  ignited Box Hill United’s competitive spirit, prompting a shift from a defensive stance to a more aggressive attacking strategy.

Box Hill United’s equaliser came from a well-executed corner by Agustin Casco. This was a display of precision, curling into the heart of the penalty area. The North Sunshine goalkeeper managed to get a hand on the ball, deflecting it outwards, but Luke Pickett was quick to react. In the ensuing chaos, Pickett showcased his sharp instincts, positioning  himself perfectly amidst the scramble. With a powerful and accurate strike, he drove the ball  through a crowded box and into the back of the net. This goal was a testament to the team’s  perseverance and ability to capitalise on set-piece opportunities.

Chaos in the penalty area as Pickett gets the decisive touch.

Although North Sunshine Eagles managed to secure their victory with a decisive goal by Nick Epifano, Box Hill United continued to press forward, demonstrating determination and resilience  until the final whistle.

While Box Hill United narrowly missed out on a win, their performance was marked by moments of brilliance and an unwavering fighting spirit. The contributions of  players like Ryo Okamoto, Agustin Casco, and Ruben Sanchez Marcano highlighted the team’s potential and resilience. As they look forward to their next match, Pythagoras can  build on these positive aspects, confident that their next victory is within reach.

Against a North Sunshine outfit that is now the only undefeated side in VPL 2, this was a Pythagoras performance full of character.

Ethan Yokarinis punches clear.


Match details:

Box Hill United 1 (Pickett 69′) – North Sunshine Eagles 2 (Mujeci 65′ (P), Epifano 90+4′)


Images credit: Passion Creations

Written by: Ziyi (Antonia) Xu)