NPL Women Match Report: Deven Jackson stars in dramatic 3-3 draw with South Melbourne

Box Hill United FC hosted South Melbourne at Wembley Park on Friday night, in a game that will be remembered for a long time.

Although the match ended in a 3-3 draw, Pythagoras’ stunning comeback in the second half left everyone amazed and thrilled.

Significant changes were made to the line-up for this match, as many familiar faces returned to the starting XI from A-League Women duties.

The game started with South Melbourne taking a very early lead, which caught everyone off guard.

South Melbourne exerted considerable pressure on Box Hill United, especially given the recent personnel adjustments.

As the match progressed, the intensity increased, with physical confrontations becoming more frequent. Despite facing such strong adversity, the Pythagoras players maintained their composure and calmness.

Asuka Doi, who had previously been side-lined due to injury, returned to the pitch and showcased her usual high level of play. Her control in midfield and defensive contributions were particularly impressive in this match.

Although Doi’s shot attempts in the first half did not find the back of the net, her presence on the field provided stability and morale. Once she took the initiative, the rest of the team became more active and engaged.

In the second half, Pythagoras made urgent strategic adjustments as they faced an uphill battle trailing 3-0 – strengthening their defense and making personnel changes. Mawa Sumaoro was introduced off the bench to try and break through South Melbourne’s defence.

A standout performer in this match was Deven Jackson, a new addition to Box Hill United. This was only her second official match and first at home, yet she made a remarkable impact. In a dire situation, with the team down 3-0, Jackson, a fleet-footed attacker, scored a hattrick within half an hour, levelling the score – this incredible feat left everyone in awe.

Deven Jackson’s performance was nothing short of extraordinary. Her agility, speed, and keen sense of positioning allowed her to exploit gaps in South Melbourne’s defence effectively.

Each goal she scored showcased her technical prowess and her ability to remain calm under pressure. Jackson’s goals came from well-timed runs and a clinical finish, sparking hope among her teammates and the fans.

Jackson’s remarkable performance not only salvaged a draw for Box Hill United, but also demonstrated her potential as a star in the league. Her ability to change the course of a game in such a short period highlighted her importance to the team and her promise for future matches.

The 3-3 draw against South Melbourne FC was a testament to Box Hill United’s resilience and determination. Despite a challenging start and significant line-up changes, the team managed to pull off an incredible comeback.

Key players like Asuka Doi and Deven Jackson played pivotal roles in this dramatic turnaround. Doi’s steadying influence and Jackson’s explosive impact showcased the depth and talent within the squad.

This match will be remembered not just for the thrilling draw, but for the emergence of new talent and the indomitable spirit of the Pythagoras players. As they look ahead to their next fixtures, Box Hill United can draw confidence from this performance, knowing they have the capability to overcome adversity and compete with the best.

Match details:

Box Hill United 3 (Jackson 50′ 70′ 79′)  – South Melbourne 3 (Westland 1′, Wise 27′ 35′)


Written by: Ziyi (Antonia) Xu

Images credit: Passion Creations