Goal Post Safety Policy

Australian children and teenagers have been seriously injured and have died after moveable soccer goals were installed incorrectly and/or used inappropriately.

There have been more than 40 deaths and a range of serious injuries associated with moveable soccer goals worldwide, and at least seven deaths and one incident resulted in a person becoming paraplegic in Australia.

You can help prevent death and injury to young soccer players by following the steps over the page.

Blunt force injuries and trauma to the head, neck, chest, and limbs can occur from moveable soccer goals due to:

• Instability

• Goals becoming unanchored

• Goals with inadequate anchoring

• Inappropriate or ineffective installation

• Inappropriate use, such as swinging on goalposts or crossbars. The hazards associated with moveable soccer goals particularly apply to goalposts weighing 28 kgs or more.

Safe Soccer Goals Guide – Keeping Kids Safe

Football NSW – Goal Post Safety Notice

Department of Fair Trading – Goal Post Regulations


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