Smoke Free Policy

The following policies should be applied to all football-related events (including matches, training, and social functions):

A) No smoking shall occur at or near any sporting event or competition involving persons under the age of 18, and this Policy applies specifically to all coaches, players, trainers, officials, and volunteers;
B) All training and home games and social functions shall be smoke-free, with smoking permitted only at designated outdoor smoking areas; (See signs for designated smoking areas at all Box Hill United Football Club Venues includes Wembley Park and Sparks Reserve)
C) Coaches, officials, trainers, volunteers, and players should be encouraged to refrain from smoking and remain smoke-free while involved in an official capacity at Box Hill United FC both on and off the field.
D) Under an amendment to Victoria’s anti-smoking legislation, smoking is now prohibited within 10 meters of all outdoor public children’s playground equipment and skate parks, and during organized under-age sporting events. The new ban aims to provide a smoke-free environment in areas frequented by children and families, and also applies to any outdoor dining and drinking areas situated within 10 meters of these facilities.

To find more information about the Football Australia Anti-Smoking guideline, click here.