Mawa Sumaoro on regrouping for Essendon Royals clash

In a valiant effort from Pythagoras despite suffering a 3-0 defeat to FC Bulleen Lions at Wembley Park, the team still showcased unwavering resilience throughout the match.

Three strikes of quality from the visitors were the difference makers in a challenging Friday night encounter.

In a post-match interview, Mawa Sumaoro reflected on the testing encounter.

Sumaoro also acknowledged the challenge posed by the demanding schedule.

“Bulleen are a top side and they are very experienced to come up against,” she said.

“We are pushing ourselves 110% – It’s a bit hard having a game on a Monday as well coming into a second game, but we definitely came back in the second half.”

Sumaoro highlighted the team’s preparation and determination from the turnaround following their Nike F.C. Cup tie.

“There was not as much time for preparation, but we held our ground in the end,” she said.

Despite the disappointment of the result, Sumaoro, as a seasoned athlete, stressed the importance of swiftly regaining peak performance.

“It’s definitely tough for players but hopefully we will run through this and come back,” she said.

“I’m upset that we lost but I’m happy as well, because we put our hearts out and we work hard.

“Not the result we wanted, but there’s a lot to take out of this game – as long as you work hard, there’s nothing to be mad about.”

Looking ahead, Sumaoro outlined the team’s aspirations for future matches.

“Our aim is to improve and play a better game than what we did this round, same as last round and every other one,” she said,

“As long as we do that, it will help us to get results.”

Despite the disappointment of the result, Box Hill United remains steadfast in their commitment to future success.

With a resilient spirit and unwavering dedication, the team is poised to overcome challenges and strive for victory in upcoming matches.

Sumaoro’s sentiments echo the collective aspiration to not only secure wins but also continuously improve with each game. As they channel their disappointment into motivation, Box Hill United looks forward with optimism, aiming to execute their game plan with precision and determination.

The team’s unwavering resolve ensures that they will emerge stronger and more formidable in the face of adversity.


Written by Ziyi (Antonia) Xi

Image credit: HD Creative

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