Natasha Stathopoulos: “I’m keen to learn from Bobby Zdravkovski and adapt in order to suit his game”

Box Hill United is pleased to announce the signing of goalkeeper Natasha Stathopoulos.

Despite only being 21, Stathopoulos is extremely experienced. She already has many caps for Heidelberg United under her belt, following a rise through the junior ranks.

Natasha joins Box Hill United to solidify a first-choice goalkeeper spot.

Along with her tenure at Heidelberg, Stathopoulos was also part of an U18 team that represented Victoria and finished second in a nationwide tournament.

“I’ve been very excited. It’s slightly different from what I’ve been used to, but I’m really enjoying it at the minute and excited for the coming season,” Stathopoulos shared when asked about joining the club.

“I’m looking forward to working with Bobby Zdravkovski. He’s got some really great ideas moving forward and understands the game.

“I’m keen to learn from him and adapt in order to suit his game.”

A view of Wembley Park from the grandstand.

When asked who she models her game after, one of Stathopoulos’ answers was BHUFC and Matildas legend Melissa Barbieri.

“She coached me a couple of years back whilst I was at Heidelberg. I learned a lot from her and enjoyed training alongside her,” Stathopoulos said.

“She was probably the biggest player that I looked up to within my career.”

Stathopoulos was also quick to launch praise upon her former coach and mentor Jeff Olver.

“Somebody I based my whole technique and the way I play my game would be Jeff,” she said.

“He pretty much built me as a player – before I met him, I was not a goalkeeper.

“After working with him for four or five years, it solidified how I want to play.”

Natasha has learned from the very best to hone her goalkeeping craft.

When asked about her aspirations for the 2024 season, Stathopoulos commented that besides winning, clean sheets are a priority for her.

“My goal is to keep as many clean sheets as I can,” Stathopoulos said.

“A minimum of 50% clean sheets across the season would be my target.

“A personal goal of mine is always making sure that no balls hit the back of the net, it’s my job.”

Stathopoulos also has a message to the Box Hill United fans:

“Be excited for this season, it’s going to be a good one,” she said.

“Hopefully, with all the support from everyone, we can put on a really good show and have a really good season – I can’t wait to see you all there.”

Written By William Kenyon