New-look captaincy duo to propel Box Hill United Men

Box Hill United are pleased to confirm that Michael Romas and Taofiq Olomowewe have been appointed as captain and vice-captain respectively for the senior men’s side for the upcoming season.

With Romas and Olomowewe stepping into their new roles, Box Hill United is set for a season of growth and development.

Their experience and dedication, along with Head Coach Tony Merakis and Assistant Coach Andrew Cartanos, form the core of the team’s aspirations for success.
As the final squad begins to settle through the pre-season, excitement is building. The squad is driven by the anticipation of what they can achieve together on the field this upcoming season.
With each training session, Romas and Olomowewe’s vision for the team takes shape. Their philosophies as captains are centred around a culture of togetherness and support for each and every member of the squad.
Their message is clear within the dressing room – they want their fellow players to follow as they strive to build values of unity and brotherhood.
As they prepare to represent Box Hill United on the field, Romas and Olomowewe have stepped up and are ready to begin their leadership roles.

“It’s good to learn, by having Taofiq next to me it helps massively,” he said.
“I’m enjoying the challenge so far.

“It’s pushing me to be a better player but more importantly, a better teammate.”
Being new to the club and country, Olomowewe is also adjusting to his role as vice-captain.
“Leadership is something that I’ve always strived for,” he said.
“I feel like as experienced players, it’s our job to set the standard for the team.
“I’m enjoying the role; I like the pressure.”

A view from the Wembley Park grandstand.

Both Romas and Olomewewe have experience at all levels of the game and understand what it takes for a team to succeed. They are both ambitious, where Romas particularly mentioned how he wants to set the standards for the squad this season.

“Attitude and togetherness are everything to me. I want to build a brotherhood,” he said.
“I plan on keeping the standards high, I won’t let anyone slack off or drop their head.
“It’s important to do all the right things as a group, trying to keep us tight and together.
“If we do that, the football will take care of itself.”
Despite being new to the squad, Olomewewe can already see the effect that the captain’s leadership has brought upon the dressing room.
“We have already gelled so well in such a short period,” he added.
“But we have a long season ahead, it’s a process.
“We have to be patient, but we are building something really special here.”
After getting into a rhythm during the pre-season, Romas is excited and has noticed a lot of progression throughout the squad.
“The talent in the team has improved massively,” he said.
“We’ve settled the squad now; we all have the required ability and the know-how.”

Michael Romas and Taofiq Olomowewe wearing the 2024 home kit.

Romas was also quick to launch praise upon Head Coach Tony Merakis and newly appointed assistant coach Andrew Cartanos.
“Andrew is extremely experienced, and it shows,” Romas said.
“As a former player himself, he connects with the boys really well.
“We can all tell that Tony knows what he wants.
“His attitude gives us all trust in the coaching staff.”
In the limited time he’s been with Box Hill United, Olomewewe has familiarised himself with the coaching staff and eagerly backed up Romas’ words.
“We clearly have two very hard-working coaches leading the side with Tony and Andrew,” Olomewewe said.
“With Tony’s stature and Andrew’s playing experience, it’s the perfect blend to get the team where it needs to go.”
Olomewewe also spoke briefly about the squad’s progression throughout the last weeks.
“We have an emerging squad, but I can clearly see we also have a talented squad.”
“I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone develops and how it all plays out.”
One major goal Romas and Olomewewe have set for themselves as captains is to shift the culture within the team.
As touched on before, togetherness and brotherhood are of utmost importance to Romas in particular.
“If one of the boys is crunched in a tackle, I want the entire team backing him up,” he said.
“I want every one of the boys to almost be ready to die for each other.”
Olomewewe followed Romas up by commenting on how he has already observed the culture building within the squad.
“We have a no-ego dressing room,” he shared.
“We are all one and the same, a brotherhood.
“Something special is being built here at Box Hill United, on and off the pitch.”

Olomowewe arrives with vast experience from the UK.

Being a club rich in history, Romas concluded his statement by explaining how it feels to represent the club as captain.

“I’ve been at a few clubs around Australia – I’d say Box Hill United is of utmost professionalism in comparison,” he said.
“The facilities are great, while the fans and the media team too.
“Everyone involved goes to great lengths to make us feel like true professionals.”
>Having worldwide experience, Olomewewe also offered his view on how it feels to represent Box Hill United.
“Coming to Australia, I was sceptical as it’s all new to me,” he said.

“But from the jump here at Box Hill United, everything has been done professionally.
“The people are so welcoming; they’ve helped so much on and off the pitch.
“This is the class of a proper football club; this is the true football heritage.
“It’s an honour to be here at Box Hill United, I wouldn’t have it any different.”

By: William Kenyon