NPL Women Match Report: Box Hill United tested in face of adversity

Box Hill United faced FC Bulleen Lions at Wembley Park, as the visitors emerged victorious with a 3-0 scoreline.

Despite the outcome, Box Hill United displayed commendable resilience and determination throughout the match, against one of the form sides of the competition.

The game kicked off with Pythagoras facing an early setback as they conceded from a corner with a floater into the penalty area and received two yellow cards within the first 25 minutes of play. Pythagoras regrouped, and the intensity of the match soared as the first half progressed.

Wingers Chiara Letteri and Mawa Sumaoro relentlessly attempted to break through the opposing defence, showcasing their skill and determination.

However, Bulleen’s class shone through, as a top corner strike from Katrina Nikpour doubled the visitor’s lead.

As the second half commenced, Box Hill United actively sought to adjust their strategy, focusing on bolstering both their defensive resilience and attacking prowess. Zoe Hudson engaged in a prolonged battle with the opposition players, demonstrating remarkable physicality and determination on the field.

Despite facing injury concerns heading into the match, Asuka Doi exhibited admirable courage by attempting shots on goal, posing a significant challenge to the opposing team’s defence.

Meanwhile, Olivia Ellis showcased her defensive prowess with timely interceptions and solid tackles, thwarting several of FC Bulleen’s attacking moves.

In the latter stages of the match, Aysha Du Plessis shone brightly for Box Hill United, showcasing her dribbling skills and evading multiple challenges from the opposition. Her performance was instrumental in maintaining pressure on FC Bulleen’s defence.

Natasha Stathopoulos also delivered a solid performance in the second half, thwarting two free-kick attempts with composed saves, ensuring that the deficit did not escalate further. A venomous strike from Lourdes Gonzalez sealed the game for Bulleen but all three of their goals were difficult to save.

Despite the outcome, Box Hill United exhibited resilience, determination, and skill throughout the match, leaving their fans with a sense of pride and optimism for future encounters to improve.

With a strong foundation to build upon and players to return, the team is eager to regroup and showcase an even better performance in their next match, aiming to turn the tide in their favour and secure a well-deserved victory.


Match details:

Box Hill United 0 – FC Bulleen Lions 3 (Alana Burn 7′, Katrina Nikpour 34′, Lourdes Gonzalez 60′)


Written by Ziyi (Antonia) Xu

Image credit: Passion Creations

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