Bobby Zdravkovski eager to rebound after defeat to FC Bulleen Lions

In the aftermath of Box Hill United’s 3-0 loss to FC Bulleen Lions at Wembley Park, Head Coach Bobby Zdravkovski provided valuable insights into the team’s performance and outlook moving forward.

When asked to assess the game, Zdravkovski acknowledged the challenges faced by his team against a formidable opponent.

“After Monday night’s game, we had a few key players returning back, who were not 100% match fit, and Bulleen is a class team,” he reflected.

“They dictated the first half, but in the second half, the players showed a bit of belief in winning the battles. However, there’s a lot to take from this game. We will reflect where we are as a group and bounce back for the next game.”

Looking ahead to the upcoming clash against Essendon Royals SC, where Box Hill United will enjoy an 8-day break, Zdravkovski emphasized the importance of utilizing this time effectively.

“It will allow us time to regroup until next Saturday,” he affirmed.

“We’ve got three tough training sessions in the coming week, so we will be prepared a lot better for Essendon Royals. The players will be better conditioned to play, despite the long injury list. It is what it is, but we will still manage to give our best.”

Navigating through a period marred by injuries, Zdravkovski acknowledged the complexities of player management and team selection, especially after facing a quality side like FC Bulleen.

“Playing with rotations and finding the best balance for the team, especially after playing a class team like FC Bulleen today, is difficult,” he admitted.

“However, a lot of our players are versatile. We are going to take only the positives. I think we played better in the second half; we will build on that and give a better performance next week and bounce back.”

With Zdravkovski’s astute leadership and the team’s unwavering determination, Box Hill United remains poised to overcome adversity and reclaim their winning form.

As they regroup and refocus until heading to Cross Keys Reserve, anticipation builds for a resurgent display against Essendon Royals SC in the days to come.


Written by Vedant Gavaskar

Image credit: HD Creative

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