Strategic excellence and defensive solidity: Bobby Zdravkovski discusses Box Hill United’s triumph

Box Hill United secured a powerful 3-0 victory over Heidelberg United FC on Friday night, showcasing their talents at Wembley Park.

Following the resounding victory, Head Coach Bobby Zdravkovski shared his insights into the game’s dynamics during a post-match interview.

He praised his team’s disciplined and unwavering approach, highlighting their remarkable resilience in confronting the challenges throughout the match.

“The girls played really well and very disciplined,” he remarked.

“We kept the structure fantastically.”

Zdravkovski emphasised the team’s tactical prowess and defensive solidity.

“We created a few chances and got a goal and then we just held it,” he said.

He commended the players for their exemplary performance, highlighting their strategic execution and focus throughout the game.

“Natasha was brilliant in goals and I think that was the difference as well,” Zdravkovski said, acknowledging Natasha Stathopoulos’ outstanding performance.

“Having a solid goalkeeper did the job.”

Reflecting on the match’s pivotal moments, he pointed out the team’s ability to weather early pressure and capitalise on opportunities.

Zdravkovski highlighted the importance of maintaining composure and continuous improvement for future games.

He underscored the team’s commitment to continual growth and development.

“Overall, we really dug deep and kept that state of composure,” he said.

“We’ve still got things to improve on. We’ll work on that at training.”

The victory not only boosts the team’s confidence but also serves as a testament to their capabilities against formidable opponents.

“It is a massive confidence game to take into next week,” Zdravkovski said.

Looking ahead, he affirmed the team’s readiness for upcoming challenges, emphasizing the importance of sustained effort and focus.

Box Hill United is advancing through the weeks with the team’s collective effort and unity in pursuit of excellence.

“We’ll be ready again for our next challenge,” Zdravkovski said, signalling the team’s determination to build on their recent success and strive for further achievements.

“All credit to players that put in after some hardship.”


Written by Arathi Sasikumar

Image credit: Passion Creations

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