Tony Merakis credits massive turnout in Round 1 match

Despite the Senior Men’s Round 1 opener ending in a 3-0 defeat, Head Coach Tony Merakis and his squad can be proud of an extraordinary turnout at Wembley Park.

The gripping game was a collaboration of the community and a loyal fanbase. Fans of all ages filled the stands to cheer for the full 90 minutes.

Against a Pascoe Vale side that will set the bar high in their goals this season, it was the perfect platform to see how Box Hill United would shape up.

Merakis spoke highly of the attendance – packing the stand and sideline – and expressed his admiration for the overwhelming support.

“It was fantastic to see the support from Box Hill,” he said.

“The community of families and young academy boys really made it a great night.

“It was a disappointing result, but overall it was still a successful night for the Club.”

Despite the less than ideal outcome, Merakis highlighted the progress the team is making and commended the players for their competitive spirit and resilience on the field. The game also witnessed standout performances from individual players and new signings – whose exceptional skills contributed to the intensity of the match.

“Tonight was an exciting game and entertaining, we’re still in progress but we’ll get there,” he said.

“Pascoe Vale did play a very good game with good individuals and nice players.

“I was expecting a tough game and our boys were very competitive and matched the opposition in many forms.

“However, there were just a couple of key moments we could’ve handled better but Pascoe Vale did well.”

Up next is North Sunshine Eagles at Larissa Reserve, as Merakis emphasised the importance of learning from each game and utilising match analysis to improve the team’s performance in future matches.

He highlighted the club’s commitment to continuous growth and development, recognising that every game offers valuable lessons and opportunities for improvement.

“There’s always something to take from it. We’ll do the match review and bring it towards the team and get better from there,” he noted.

Box Hill United FC extends its heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to making the recent game night a memorable and impactful event.

The Club remains steadfast in its mission of fostering a strong community bond through the love of football and looks forward to more exciting moments ahead.

Written by Arathi Sasikumar