Tony Merakis lauds Box Hill United’s thrilling draw against North Sunshine Eagles

Box Hill United FC showcased resilience and determination in a thrilling encounter against North Sunshine Eagles, resulting in a hard-fought draw that left the Pythagoras bench at the edge of their seats at Larisa Reserve.

Head Coach Tony Merakis commended his squad for their outstanding performance despite facing stern opposition, at the ground far from home.

Facing North Sunshine Eagles with their strong defence, Box Hill United demonstrated strength and a competitive edge from kick-off to the final whistle. Merakis acknowledged the challenges posed by the opposition but highlighted the team’s ability to stand firm under pressure.

“I think our lads really played out of their skins. We had great opportunities to win the game,” he said.

“We had great opportunities to make that happen however it’s football and you know the drama, was right at the end literally – so it’s fantastic.”

The match reached its showdown in the dying minutes when Pythagoras secured a crucial goal to salvage a point. Merakis expressed his elation at the dramatic turn of events, emphasising the team’s ability to deliver when it mattered the most. The emotional moment had brought forth an adrenaline-fuelled ground.

“We absorbed the pressure quite well. We stood up when we needed to,” he said, crediting the players.

“When you see a goal like that right at the death to really cinch the point, it was just outstanding.”

Looking ahead, Merakis reiterated the team’s dedication to building on this result and endeavouring for excellence in future matches. With their sights set on the upcoming fixtures, Box Hill United is determined to harness the momentum from this dramatic draw and deliver more exciting performances for their loyal supporters.

“We’re always learning and reviewing the video,” affirmed Merakis.

“We’re a team that shows true grit, and that’s who we are. That’s Box Hill, and I think that’s how we will progress into next week.”

Box Hill United FC looks forward to creating more memorable moments together on the journey ahead. The fans can expect future exciting match wins filled with end-to-end actions and nail-biting drama.


Written by Arathi Sasikumar