Bobby Zdravkovski praises collective effort to bring opening win

On Friday night, Box Hill United celebrated a significant victory over Alamein FC at Wembley Park, as a 2-1 win marked the first of the season.

The atmosphere was electric, resonating with the anticipation of this long-awaited triumph. After a series of challenging games, this victory was a testament to the team’s resilience and determination.

In a post-match interview, Senior Women’s Head Coach Bobby Zdravkovski couldn’t hide his excitement, expressing his pride in the girls.

“I feel very proud for the girls,” Zdravkovski said happily.

“The first three games didn’t go well, but we didn’t panic because that’s football.

“We played some fantastic football and were just unlucky in the results. Today, we took our chances.”

Zdravkovski also praised the girls’ excellent teamwork and attacking prowess in this match.

“I think everyone chipped in,” he said.

“The defence was solid and well-led by Belinda. The full-backs Bella and Nina in goal were sensational.

“Everyone from the right to the left played their part.”

When asked about potential adjustments in the line-up for future games, Zdravkovski indicated that it would depend on the situation.

“We’ll reassess where the players are at.”

“We’ll see where they’re at with injuries and what they want their recoveries to be like – then we’ll plan ahead.”

This win wasn’t just about the scoreline, it was a moment of jubilation for everyone involved.

From the players to the coaching staff and the passionate fans, there was an overwhelming sense of excitement and pride. The journey to this victory had been arduous, but the team’s unwavering commitment and hard work finally paid off.


Written by Ziyi (Antonia) Xu

Image credit: Adrian Shaw / Centre Circle Photography

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