Dockerty Cup Match Report: Box Hill United knocked out by Caroline Springs George Cross in 5-3 goal fest

There were goals aplenty as Box Hill United were knocked out of the Dockerty Cup by Caroline Springs George Cross 5-3, but there was still a lot to like about the team’s attacking prospects.

In a gripping match between the two teams, fans were treated to a display of thrilling football.

Right from the kick-off, it was evident this was going to be a tightly contested encounter. In the opening five minutes, the Georgies capitalised on a defensive lapse to sneak in an early goal. However, Box Hill swiftly adjusted their strategy and regrouped.

Wing-back Ryo Okamoto showcased his prowess after 10 minutes, netting an equaliser for Pythagoras. It was a classic display of skill as his header connected flawlessly with a precision cross.

Ryo Okamoto celebrates his goal.

The momentum swung back and forth as the Georgies seized another opportunity from a free kick to edge ahead once more after a quarter of an hour. Despite the setback, Box Hill continued to broaden their defensive and offensive fronts.

The first half saw some robust physical exchanges, but amidst the clashes, Pythagoras’ attacker Tarek Atta stood out. With deft footwork and intelligent link-up play with Rhys Jones, he orchestrated attacks and granted Box Hill crucial moments in the opponent’s half.

Right before half time, George Cross produced a goal from the corner and put the visitors 3-1 up.

Box Hill adopted a more assertive approach for the second half, pressing forward into enemy territory and launching waves of attacks. Tactical adjustments were made to bolster their offensive capabilities.

Michael Romas and Nikita Varelas demonstrated exceptional synergy, weaving intricate passing sequences and seizing opportunities to test the Georgies’ defense.

Rhys Jones on the ball as Michael Romas and Nikita Varelas join the attack.

Despite facing relentless pressure, Box Hill United’s goalkeeper Luke Del Vecchio showcased his acrobatic prowess, making quality saves to thwart the Georgies’ advances. His heroics bought Pythagoras valuable time to mount a comeback.

Less than 10 minutes out from full-time, George Cross found themselves 5-1 up, however Michael Romas remained undeterred, unleashing an exceptional free kick into the net in the dying moments of the game. Despite facing a barrage of physical challenges from the opposition, Romas refused to back down, showcasing true grit and determination.

Luke Del Vecchio tips his save over the bar.

To add to the finale, Etienne Mendoza added to the excitement, smashing a back post goal to add consolidation to the score line.

As the final whistle sounded, Box Hill United found themselves on the wrong end of a 5-3 result.

However, the significance of this match transcends mere numbers; it epitomises the unwavering resilience and indomitable spirit of Box Hill United FC.

In the span of just five minutes, they rallied to score two remarkable and electrifying goals, a feat that left fans uplifted. This match has laid a solid foundation for Pythagoras going forward with their attacking play.

Pythagoras have a nine-day break before a Friday night encounter with Brunswick Juventus on April 5.


Match details:

Box Hill United 3 (Ryo Okamoto 10′, Michael Romas 85′, Etienne Mendoza 87′) – Caroline Springs George Cross 5 (Yug Ghandi 5′, Josh Calabria 16′, Morgan Filer 44′ 62′, Russell Currie 82′)


Written by Ziyi (Antonia) Xu

Images credit: Passion Creations