Mawa Sumaoro: “I have always enjoyed the way that Box Hill United plays”

Box Hill United proudly welcomes Mawa Sumaoro, a dynamic talent hailing from Adelaide, to our Senior Women’s roster for the upcoming season.

With experience garnered from stints at Boroondara Eagles and Adelaide City, the 20-year-old brings versatility and skill to our midfield, wing, and striking positions.

“I have always enjoyed the way that Box Hill United plays, so I’m very happy to be on board,” Sumaoro said.

Her journey in football traces back to childhood, where she found inspiration watching her sister play, igniting her own passion for the sport. A defining moment came in 2019 when Mawa made her NPL debut for Adelaide City, a memory she holds dear.

Influenced by her brother’s prowess on the field, Mawa aspires to emulate his game and carve her own path to success.

For the upcoming season, Mawa’s focus is clear; with her message to the fans inviting them to rally behind the team as they aim to entertain and excel on the field.

“I will aim to do my best to get the most out of this season,” she said.

“I want to become a better version of myself.”

Adding a touch of South African flair, Mawa’s favourite pre-match song sets the tone for calm and focus before the action begins. Beyond football, she finds solace in the pages of literature, with “Dear Dumb Diary” currently topping her reading list.

With Mawa Sumaoro’s blend of talent, determination, and passion, Box Hill United embarks on the new season with renewed vigour and excitement. Join us in supporting Mawa and the team as they strive for greatness on and off the pitch.

Welcome to Box Hill, Mawa!

By Vedant Gavaskar