NPL Women Match Report: Pythagoras triumph with 2-1 win over Alamein

Box Hill United clinched their opening victory of the 2024 season in a pulsating showdown against Alamein FC, emerging with a commendable 2-1 scoreline


Undoubtedly, this enthralling encounter unfolded as a testament to Pythagoras’ prowess, exhibiting a masterful blend of offensive flair and defensive resilience.

The Box Hill players radiated renewed vigour right from the kick-off, with their relentless pursuit of victory palpable – particularly evident in their dominant first-half display, where they asserted control with an onslaught of attacking manoeuvres, culminating in a crucial goal.

This early breakthrough undeniably set the stage for the remainder of the match, laying a solid foundation for Pythagoras’ eventual triumph.

The standout performer of the day undoubtedly was Mawa Sumaoro, whose midfield brilliance shone brightly. Despite being frequently surrounded by multiple opponents, Sumaoro managed to contribute the opening goal, showcasing remarkable attacking skills throughout the match.

The attacking focal point, Asuka Doi, once again demonstrated her sublime ability to control the game. Her consistent performance instilled further trust in her abilities, while her seamless coordination with teammates yielded numerous impressive interceptions.

In the second half, Box Hill actively adjusted their strategy, intensifying both their attack and defence. Physical battles escalated, and the teamwork among players became even more cohesive. Particularly in midfield, the players formed a triangular defensive shape on the flanks, significantly stifling Alamein FC’s attacking prowess.

Goalkeeper Natasha Stathopoulos exhibited commanding saves time and again, rescuing Pythagoras from precarious situations. Stathopoulos showcased all the qualities expected of a top-notch goalkeeper, exuding strength and professionalism throughout.

Zoe Hudson exhibited an outstanding performance, demonstrating her physical prowess and adeptness in support play multiple times. Additionally, Nikolina Bucalo’s defensive performance along the sidelines in this match was nothing short of impeccable, departing from her usual slightly gentle defensive style.

As the match neared its end, an unexpected goal turned the tide. The strike came from Bridie Cooling, who upon receiving a pass from her teammate, swiftly unleashed a long-distance shot that found the back of the net. It left both fans and players in awe, solidifying Box Hill United’s commanding performance on the field.

In summary, Box Hill United’s performance exemplified a harmonious blend of attacking flair and defensive solidity. Pythagoras emerged victorious, leaving supporters brimming with pride and anticipation for future encounters. Despite Alamein pulling one back, Pythagoras held on to get a well-deserved win.

Undoubtedly, Pythagoras will maintain a high level of performance in upcoming matches, continuing to dazzle fans with their skill and determination.


Match Details:

Box Hill United 2 (Sumaoro 35, Cooling 89′) – Alamein 1 (Saber 90+5′)


Written by Ziyi (Antonia) Xu

Image credit: Passion Creations

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