VPL 2 Men Match Report: Box Hill United ride rollercoaster 2-2 draw with Altona City

In a clash that will be etched in Pythagoras’ history for years, Box Hill United and Altona City battled it out in a pulsating 2-2 draw at Wembley Park under Friday night lights.

The anticipation was palpable as both teams geared up for what was expected to be a thrilling encounter. The match promised redemption, with Box Hill eager to prove themselves after a challenging start to the season and Altona City comfortably sitting in second place on the ladder.

The game was a rollercoaster of emotions, featuring everything from brilliant goals to calculated saves, followed by challenges, chaos and controversy.

It was clear that both teams were determined to seize control of the game. Box Hill United drew first blood in the opening stanza, courtesy of a clinical finish from Ruben Sanchez Marcano, as the Pythagoras crowd erupted in cheers for the early lead.

Altona City showed early aggression, but Box Hill’s defence held firm, determinedly repelling their attacks. However Altona levelled the game early in the second half, sending the fans into a frenzy of nerves.

Luke Pickett contests for the header.

When momentum seemed to slip away from Box Hill, Sanchez Marcano, back after an injury, unleashed a thunderous strike from outside the box, capitalising on a goalkeeper error to put his team ahead once again as he found the back of the net.

With the crowd roaring, Box Hill appeared to be on course for a hard-fought victory, but just minutes before the end, Altona City equalised for the second time direct from the free-kick.

Setting the stage for a nail-biting finale, hurtling towards its conclusion, the drama transcended beyond the boundaries of the game itself.

Nick Weller breaking clear.

In a twist of fate, the stadium fell into shadow, casting uncertainty over the game. Tension on the pitch escalated, as a snapshot of the intensity and stakes between both sides.

The confusion and chaos on the pitch mirrored the scenes in the stands as fans from both sides anxiously awaited the match’s outcome. Referee intervention restored order as the passion was unrelenting.

The match went on for a huge amount of stoppage time, and Box Hill United continued to play fiercely. After a marathon of 104 minutes and 35 seconds of play, the referee ended the night with a draw. As the players left the pitch, Box Hill supporters were left with mixed emotions but a heartfelt standing ovation for the Pythagoras players.

As the lights flickered back, a sense of calm settled over Wembley Park, but the echoes of the dramatic night continued.

The match was a testament to the unpredictability and magic of the beautiful game, with Box Hill United standing tall, showcasing their unwavering grit and determination to hold their own.

Motivated by the outpouring of support, Pythagoras looks ahead to their future games with renewed determination, inspiring all who witnessed their resilience.


Match details:

Box Hill United 2 (Ruben Sanchez Marcano 10′, 67′) – Altona City 2 (Lachlan Smith 54′, Andelo Svalina 86′)


Written by Arathi Sasikumar

Images credit: Passion Creations

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