Tony Merakis praises Ruben Sanchez Marcano for stellar performance

Box Hill United’s VPL 2 Round 5 clash against Altona City was a highly anticipated match that ended in a thrilling 2-2 draw, and left Head Coach Tony Merakis feeling optimistic about the team’s future.

Despite the challenges, Merakis emphasised the team’s resilience that has seen the squad make great progress.

In a post-match interview following the intense game, he shared his insights into the team’s performance.

“We’re a passionate football club and that’s our style, we don’t stop till the end,” he said.

“Our boys defended right to the end. It was great to see our passion on display until the final whistle.

“It was 2-2 and the game could be won or lost in the final few second so we held on well.”

The match saw a significant stoppage time, as Merakis explained that the reason was the lights going out.

“The lights went out once, and officials had to make a decision,” he said.

“It was in the last 60 seconds so didn’t change things too much, we just wanted to get on with it.”

Highlighting a standout performance, Merakis took the opportunity to commend Ruben Sanchez Marcano for his outstanding contribution.

Sanchez’s presence on the field was felt throughout the game, showcasing his skill and determination, helping Pythagoras to a point on the night.

“It was great to see Ruben enter the arena tonight,” Merakis said.

“He played a full 90 minutes and was pivotal in many attacks and moments for us.

“We hope to see more of Ruben and it was fantastic to see him come back after a long-term injury.”

Looking ahead, Merakis expressed optimism about Sanchez’s future performances.

“We hope to see more of Ruben in the future, continuing to make a significant impact on our team’s success,” he said.

“If we keep performing this way, we can achieve what we want, which is wins.”

Box Hill United continues to demonstrate strength and determination on the field.

With both Ruben Sanchez’s stellar return and the team’s resilience, Box Hill’s opening win in VPL 2 Men’s is inevitable.

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