NPL Women Match Report: Box Hill United pipped in narrow 1-0 contest with Bentleigh Greens

In a tightly contested match, Box Hill United FC faced off against Bentleigh Greens SC, ultimately falling short with a 1-0 defeat.

The first half showcased Pythagoras’ prowess as they dominated the pitch, dictating the tempo of the game with a flurry of attacks.

Within the opening 45 minutes, they managed three attempts inside the penalty area, demonstrating their relentless offensive strategy.

Winger Chi Ting emerged as a standout performer, dazzling spectators with her exceptional attacking prowess and masterful dribbling skills, presenting a formidable challenge to Bentleigh Greens’ defensive line.

Similarly, Maryam Anvari showcased her exceptional skills on the field, demonstrating her ability to weave in and out of tight spaces and dodge defences with ease. Her nimble footwork and quick turns created a sense of pressure on the opposition, compelling them to remain alert and focused throughout the game.

Nikolina Bucalo also shone brightly with her stellar defensive efforts along the sidelines, thwarting numerous threatening advances from the opposition and providing Pythagoras with ample opportunities to launch counterattacks.

Following a goalless first half, Pythagoras intensified their offensive efforts, applying relentless pressure on Bentleigh Greens’ defence.

Despite their valiant efforts, Pythagoras found themselves trailing in the second half when Bentleigh Greens capitalised on a free kick opportunity, looping it past Natasha Stathopoulos.

However, Pythagoras refused to concede defeat. As usual, Asuka Doi proved to be the standout performer in the second half, exhibiting exceptional midfield control and remarkable resilience. Her ability to maintain possession under pressure and dictate the flow of play was instrumental in driving the Pythagoras attack forward.

Despite the final score not swinging in their favour, Box Hill United displayed commendable teamwork and determination throughout the match.

Their spirited performance serves as a testament to their resilience and sets a promising tone for future encounters.

As they regroup and analyse their performance, Pythagoras will undoubtedly look to build upon their strengths and address any areas for improvement in their quest for victory in upcoming matches.

Looking ahead to future matches, Pythagoras will aim to build on their strong attacking performance and convert their chances into goals to secure positive results.


Written by Arathi Sasikumar