Olivia Johnston continues rapid rise at Box Hill

Box Hill United is pleased to announce the re-signing of midfielder Olivia Johnston.

With four years of dedicated service to our club, the 18-year-old signals a continuation of her remarkable journey with us.

From her earliest days honing her skills on the playground at primary school to her current role as a midfield presence, Olivia’s love for the game has remained unwavering. Fond memories of her family’s unwavering support and their presence at every weekend match fuel her passion for football.

“Having my family support me every weekend has been huge – my grandparents, mum & dad and sister,” she said.

“They are the people that are with you from when you start so I’m grateful for it.”

Drawing inspiration from midfield maestro Luka Modric of Real Madrid, Olivia’s versatility shines through as she shares her admiration for Stephanie Catley, previously excelling as a left-back. A proud Matilda’s fan, Olivia is destined to create a great legacy at Box Hill.

Aspirations for the current season are high as Olivia aims to lead her team to victory, with a clear goal of securing a top-four finish.

“We have bonded as a team really well in the pre-season,” she said.

“Winning would be nice but the main thing is supporting each other to get to that point of success.”

Her message to the fans is one of warmth and gratitude, inviting them to join in the excitement of match days

“It’s great fun on match day, get some chips and a souvlaki,” she said.

“We love your support and it means a lot.”

Off the pitch, Olivia’s teammates paint a picture of a vibrant personality – fun-loving, sporty, and always ready to lend an ear.

We look forward to many great years ahead.