Belinda Stojcevski is back home at Box Hill United

Box Hill United FC is thrilled to confirm the return of Belinda Stojcevski to the Senior Women’s squad.

The 20-year-old defender previously graced our turf before stints at Preston Lions and Calder United, which is a full circle moment.

“It’s great to be back, I last played for Box Hill about 2-3 years ago,” she said.

“I had the stint at Preston in-between and now back here ready to go.”

With her earliest memories of football forged on the grassy fields of the Noble Park alongside her brother, Belinda’s passion for the beautiful game knows no bounds. Despite her position as a centre back, she fondly recalls a moment of scoring a breathtaking goal from the halfway line – testament to her unwavering dedication and skill.

Inspired by the legendary Sergio Ramos, Stojcevski’s aspirations are grounded at present, aiming for personal and team success while fostering camaraderie among her teammates.

To the loyal fans of Box Hill United, Belinda extends a heartfelt invitation to join her on this journey.

“We’re looking forward to a great season, enjoying each other’s company,” she said.

“Get down and support us, let’s see how the season goes.”

In a playful twist, she reveals her favourite pre-match song, ‘Rhythm Is a Dancer’, adding a dash of fun to her persona.

Beyond the confines of the pitch, Belinda finds solace in another passion – driving her cars. With her blend of determination, talent, and love for the game, Stojcevski is set to make an indelible mark on Box Hill United and beyond.

Welcome home, Belinda!

By Vedant Gavaskar